Meet Indigo Monday, one of the most unique open format DJs from Providence, Rhode Island. With over a decade of experience behind the decks, Indigo Monday has built a reputation for delivering thoughtfully curated sets that keep music lovers moving all night long. Born and raised in Providence, Indigo Monday was surrounded by music from a young age. He started DJing at local parties and events, quickly making a name for himself as a go-to DJ for sets that span multiple genres and audiences. His passion for r&b, rap, soul, funk, reggae, and house shines through in every set he plays, whether it's at a packed club or an intimate lounge. In addition to his DJ skills, Indigo Monday is also a talented producer and podcaster, crafting tracks for artists and interviewing creative entrepreneurs. When he's not behind the decks, Indigo Monday can be found working on new music in the studio or supporting local artists and causes. Catch him at one of his upcoming shows and experience the unique sound of Indigo Monday yourself.